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Lady Dragon Basketball looks to write the next chapter in history! Full Region 1 tournament information contained in news!


Dragon Athletics | 2/23/2024

PHOTO CREDIT: Lady Dragon Basketball

Your history making Lady Dragons, who have reached the Regional Tournament for FOUR consecutive years for the first time ever, look to make more history tonight by advancing to the Region 1 Final for the first time since the 1991-1992 season. Just what kind of history are we talking about here? There have only been two Regional Finals reached in program history, the 1975 season in which the team won the STATE Championship and the 1992 season where they were defeated on the doorstep of state. This is how momentous a victory over SGP would be tonight. So we need all Dragon nation at Wilkerson-Greines at 6pm for the Region 1 Semi-final vs. South Grand Prairie.

Since we know you are motivated to head to the arena now, here are the facts about tickets. Most importantly - Buy Now - there is no At The Door ticket sales at the arena.

Ticket prices for each day are $8 for adults and $5 for students, in
addition to any applicable fees. Please be advised that there will be no
option to purchase tickets at the venue itself. Tickets must be purchased
online through our official ticketing website at

Click Here


Click Here

Passes: Please be advised that passes are not valid for the event.

OK, I've got my tickets you are saying. But I've not been to this arena before. No problem. Know that Carroll is the HOME Teams and here is the info on where to park. Buy your parking before you get to the parking lot - You have buy online when you get your ticket.

The parking fee for each vehicle is $5, in addition to any relevant fees. It
is imperative to acquire your parking pass simultaneously with your
ticket purchase. The parking pass is included in the ticket dialog box.
You may purchase the parking pass at the following website:

Click Here


Click Here

Carroll is the home team. Guests from the home team enter the facility through the west side, specifically using C. A. Roberson Blvd. This street can be accessed from the frontage road of I-20. Guests from the visiting team are encouraged to enter the facility from the east side, specifically via Wichita St.

The Region 1 Tournament has a very specific list of items NOT Allowed. Please read here.

Outside food and beverages, such as water, are not permitted within the
premises. Additionally, items such as signs, banners, noisemakers,
thundersticks, clappers, horns, band instruments, whistles, confetti,
balloons, live animals, and others are strictly prohibited inside the arena.
We kindly ask for your cooperation and adherence to these regulations.

For your security Carroll fans and SGP fans as well will be subject to security screening and walking through Metal Detectors.

OK, you are fired up - you are ready to go. - you have checked the list twice - but please know that Fort Worth ISD has a CLEAR BAG POLICY!

Metal Detectors and Clear Bag Policy:
Visitors will be requested to undergo a security screening using metal
detectors upon arrival. Fort Worth ISD has a Clear Bag policy. It is
mandatory for guests to refrain from bringing signs, balloons, knives,
scissors, sharp-pointed objects, or any form of weaponry into the
premises. Additionally, the use of markers, powders, and face/body paint
is strictly prohibited.

I can hear the outcries now, I want to see this game - but I am in North Dakota on vacation. No problem - the Region 1 Tournament will be live streamed on the NFHS network. Yes, this is a subscription based site. UIL requires that playoff events be streamed on the NFHS network. Besides - it's cheaper than a flight home from North Dakota!

It is time for the 1992 team to have company in history. Let's take the next step tonight.